Our FACILITIES include the:

  • Newbery Hall lecture theatre
  • Dorothea Bleek Room
  • Alex du Toit Room
  • Drawing Room
  • Goodwin Room

All the above rooms, except the Goodwin Room, are available for hire during the day and on certain evenings. For more details of the facilities, see this summary.

Photographs of the Newbery Hall, which is admirably suited for for holding lectures, and for staff training purposes etc., are displayed here.  For a schedule of availability see here. 

The Covid-19 pandemic imposes certain constraints on the use of Athenaeum facilities, particularly of the Newbery Hall lecture theatre. Please read the details.

Photographs of the smaller rooms are displayed as follows:
Drawing-Rooms here ; Dorothea Bleek Room (Boardroom) here; and Alex du Toit Room here.

For availability of these smaller rooms see here .  

For rental pricing of the Newbery Hall and of the smaller rooms during 2021, see  here .

A small kitchen is available for renters of the Athenaeum rooms to use.  Please see here for a photograph.

We are now able to provide emergency electrical power backup in the Newbery Hall during load-shedding.  For further information please refer to the Newbery Hall page.

Please call Tina Birch (the resident manageress) on phone 021-671-5267 or cell 082-306-2687 for information, or to make a booking.  Alternatively, please send Henry Diesveld an email at .

If you join one of our Member Societies you will automatically enjoy what other members call ‘home’!