FacilityNGO type organisationsCommercialArea (m2)
(2021 hourly rates )(2021 hourly rates )
Newbery HallR 218R 271133
Alex du Toit RoomR 80R 10053
Drawing-RoomsR 78R 10070
Board RoomR 60R 7531

NOTE: If more than one room is used simultaneously, the cheaper room(s) will be discounted by 50%. The rate for a full day’s use will be charged at a maximum of 7 hours.

Please note that parking next to the Athenaeum building is rather limited during office hours on weekdays. There is ample parking available in the evening, with access from the Mariendahl Lane entrance to the Boundary Terraces properties (next door to the Newlands cricket ground).

There is a large municipal parking area next door to the Athenaeum, accessible from under the Camp Ground Road railway bridge, and adjacent to Newlands station.

Access to the Athenaeum from the station or the municipal carpark is by gate or by turnstile. This has to be arranged with the resident manageress.