North drawing-room, with dining table

North Drawing-Room (1)

North drawing-room (2)

North Drawing-Room (2)

East Drawing-Room

East Drawing-Room (1)

East Drawing-Room (2)

Illustrating interleading Drawing-Rooms


These two elegant interleading rooms with bay windows are of dimensions 7 metres x 5 metres and 8 metres x 5 metres. The total floor area is approximately 75 square metres. They are commonly used for social functions.

There is a spacious dining-room table in the front room, with six upholstered wooden dining chairs and one chair with arms (i.e. a carver).   If more seating is required for large functions plastic chairs can be taken from the store at the back of the Newbery Hall.

For a schedule of occupation of the Athenaeum’s smaller rooms (drawing-rooms, boardroom and Alex du Toit room) please click here.