During COVID-19 Lockdown Level 1 as at 22 March 2022 certain capacity constraints are in place.  The maximum occupancies allowed by government regulations are as follows:

Newbery Hall :           69 + 1 lecturer/instructor
Drawing Room :         27 + 1 lecturer/instructor; or 50 standing
Alex du Toit Room :   24 + 1 lecturer/instructor; or 32 standing
Goodwin Room :        20 + 1 lecturer/instructor; or 28 standing
Dorothea Bleek Room (Boardroom) : 10 seated at table, and 4 seated observers.

Procedures to be followed during lockdown

The Athenaeum has been unable to function normally since the stage 5 lockdown was implemented on 26 March 2020.  However, now that we are in lockdown stage 1, the situation is beginning to revert to normal.

Nevertheless, we must maintain social distancing (now 1.0 metres).

It will be necessary for people attending lectures to sanitise their hands on entry.  Attendees must wear a mask at all times while inside the facilities. Chairs should be spaced to achieve the necessary 1.0 metre spacing.

The official government guidelines on covid can be found here.